Kids Love Using Crayon to Capture and Draw all the Colors of Their World

With it’s big bright colors, durable kid-friendly grip, and easy-to-use color sensor, Crayon is the perfect way to give your child the gift of innovation!

Crayon is made just for kids

Simple color sensor

The built-in sensor gives your child countless hours of capturing their favorite colors. Just point it at any colored object and press the button! Draw with it right away, or save it for later.

Playful Spotlight

When your child scans a color, Crayon’s Spotlight magically matches that color – a feature your child will enjoy testing over, and over, and over again.

Easy to use

With only a few simple buttons, and 2 ways to cycle through colors, Crayon couldn’t be easier to use. Your child will master it in minutes!

Crayon is safe, simple and smart

Durable and Safe

Choose 1 of 6 fun colors, and rest assured that your child can be as rambunctious as they like. Crayon is designed to last. It won’t break easily, or damage your tablet or phone.

It’s Rechargeable

Charged quickly via micro-USB cable, Crayon’s super-lightweight, lithium-ion battery gives your child 15 hours of unlimited creating power.

Assisted Writing and Drawing

When your child is learning how to write or color in the lines, Crayon can help. A green spotlight keeps them on track, and helps them to stay within the lines.

Set your child's imagination free

Imagine if you had been able to scan your favorite toys or stickers, clothing or books…even your pet dog or cat! Kids growing up today won’t be able to imagine that they couldn’t.

What could be better than watching your child get lost in their own fun and creativity?

Technical Specifications


iOS 7+, Android 4.0+


Iris Touch Color Sensor


Bluetooth Smart, Micro USB

Tips Included


Battery Life

15 Hours


166.60 x 20.76mm
(6.56 x 0.81 in.)